I love creating images, and more recently I’ve started getting into video production and am really loving it! When I take my camera out my goal is document and inspire! I try to communicate what it is I’m feeling while participating in a certain activity. I want the viewer to feel the same way, and I hope to inspire them to get outside and plan their own adventure.

If you’re an organization that operates outdoors, or you organize an event that takes place on snow, dirt, or water… I’d like to work with you.  

I offer both photo and video documentation of events, and am very cost effective. For pricing call me. I’m open to trades, and/or other arrangements. Even if your budget is ZERO… I may still be interested. I just like making stuff. 

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Below is a photo gallery and video I created for Onion River Sports here in Vermont: 

2017 Muddy Onion Photo Gallery



Below are two videos I created for the Catamount Trail Association during winter 2017 :