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Spring Is Coming…

… and I haven’t posted anything in quite a while. The last time I posted anything here I had just started working at the Outdoor Gear Exchange and had gotten back from the employee retreat. Well, since then I’ve moved to a new job with the Catamount Trail Association (CTA). The CTA manages, maintains and promotes the Catamount Trail which is a 300 mile long backcountry ski trail that runs the length of Vermont. 

This past Friday was the end of my 5th week there and so far I’m really enjoying the people I work with and the community that our organization is a part of. I even occasionally get to go ski instead of poking keys in the office. Below are some photos from out adventures these past few weekends. I know it’s only early March, but you can already tell that spring is coming. The forecast for the next week here in town calls for upper 30’ss and maybe into the low 40’s… it won’t be long before mud season arrives and I can’t wait till the days get a little longer. Anyway, enjoy the pics below and I’ll do my best to make sure not so much time passes between posts. 






My first week on the job was spent preparing for a backcountry ski festival that was to be held the following weekend. It was mostly focused on getting out in the woods on light touring equipment, but there were also sections for alpine tourers, and telemark skiers. 



At the CTA we organize backcountry ski tours almost every weekend and on top of that we have some multiday tours that happen throughout the season. One Friday I decided to skip out of the office and go join one of the multiday tours that was tackling a section of the Catamount near Burlington. I joined up with about 13 other skiers and we skied Section 21 of from the bottom near Route 2 up to Bolton Valley Resort. It was a great day and it was nice to meet some of the people that are members of our organization. 



Just getting going… it was just a short walk from the parking lot to the trail. After putting the skis on we only had to take them off one time at a road crossing.



Cruising near on the upper part of the trail, just before crossing the road and entering the Bolton Valley Resort trail network.  


On the following Friday, our office decided to spend another day “networking” in the woods and we joined up with another of the multiday groups to tackle Section 27 of the Catamount. This was a pretty fun section. We had quite a bit of new snow, it was mostly downhill and again the people were great. 



Just cruising along… 



Professional klister removal technique…



On Section 27 you feel very much like you’re in Vermont as you cruise across and over many open fields. 



Here you can see a professional cross a road… one ski off, a couple of good hops, and done! Half the time… twice the work.




Here at the Catamount Trail Association we also organize and administer a youth ski program called the SkiCubs that takes place all winter long. I spent one of my Saturdays helping out the kids. It was a lot of fun and it was great to see how confident the kids were on their skis after just a couple of weeks of practice.




This past Saturday Mari and I didn’t have any plans to tour or go downhill skiing so we took the opportunity to get out and do some hiking. A couple of weekends ago we headed up Camel’s Hump only to be met with some crazy wind and cold. Visibility was nil, and we never did make it to the summit as the frostbite danger just seemed too high. This past Saturday was a little better. It wasn’t nearly as windy or cold, but the visibility still sucked. Below you can see some images from our trip up Hunger Mountain. 



 Mari on her way down after hanging out on the summit for a bit.



Mari demonstrating perfect but sliding technique… this is definitely the fastest way down when there’s snow around.



Just cruising… Later!



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