Rainy Day Hike Up Camel’s Hump via Forest City and Burrows Trails

A gap in the trees gives us our first peek of the surrounding hills and the imminent rain that was headed our way


Today was an awesome day. Earlier in the week I sent out a general invite to the people I work with inviting them to come hiking with me today. Fortunately, I had one taker… Zach. So, this morning I picked him up in Burlington at 9am and we got to driving the 30-40 minutes it takes to get to the Burrows Trailhead below Camels Hump. We were on the trail before 10am and having never hiked the Forest City Trail I suggested we give it a go and then take the Burrows Trail back down. 

All week the guys on the TV and in my phone had been forecasting rain, and so far it’s been pretty hit or miss. I had a pretty good feeling that we were going to get rained on and we did, but we were both prepared so no worries. The thing about rainy days is that the sky has so much potential. A bluebird day is nice, but it’s boring. A day like today can go either way. Maybe you get stuck in the clouds and end up struggling just to see 10 yards down the trail. But maybe, you end up above or below the clouds and that is when things get awesome… and today we totally lucked out. 

On the way up the Forest City Trail there are a handful of places with decent views and we found ourselves enshrouded in clouds for only one of them, and I don’t think it much mattered considering our experiences at the others. As you can see from the images in this post we were greeted with great light and interesting skies making for a perfect hike. In total we ended up hiking just over 5.5 miles–3 miles up, 2.5 miles down–with 2660ft of elevation gain. This is a great day hike and I would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting or living in the Burlington area. The Forest City Trail is a little more rugged than the Burrows Trail and with it’s great views I would recommend this as your route up as the views are great opportunities to take a break and hiking down the Forest City Trail is much more hazardous than the Burrows Trail especially when wet. As for the Burrows Trail… it’s nice. It’s a little shorter, not nearly as rugged making for slightly easier travel both up and down and the only views you get are from the summit. It’s the perfect route down, or it makes a great out-and-back route if some members of your party are elderly or very young. 

Overall, it was a great day and we only got rained on a couple of times. Definitely put this one on your todo list, and enjoy the pics. 




Here you can see our route 


Another view of the coming rain 


Here is Zach scrambling up one of the steeper sections… with the peaks of Ethan Allen and Ira Allen in the background 


Zach making his way around and up just below the summit 


Up and up we go… the last mile of the Forest City Trail picks up the most elevation, but it’s worth it 


Just a beautiful day… Later




2 thoughts on “Rainy Day Hike Up Camel’s Hump via Forest City and Burrows Trails

  1. Ben Carlson

    Greg, that looks like an awesome hike man! What app/GPS do you use to track your hike? I’m hoping to get a GPS sometime but they’re so expensive…

  2. igmaino Post author

    Hey… I’ve got a garmin 610 that I use running and biking and so long as I’m gone for less than 8 hrs it works really well for keeping track of mileage/elevation and mapping routes

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