Sailing on Lake Champlain – The Juskuz Experience

Sailing on Lake Champlain

Mari on the boat looking back towards Camel’s Hump…


Yesterday was a pretty good day. It was beautiful out, warm… the perfect day to go play on the water. Fortunately, Mari’s parents have a sailboat that needed some attention and had finally made its way into the water at the shipyard. So, yesterday morning Mari and I headed into town with the intention of helping finish off some of the prep work and then taking the boat out into Lake Champlain to test the sails and then dock it at its new home at the Burlington Marina. 


Andy at the helm guiding us out of the bay and onto the open lake…


A look inside… I’m wondering what they would charge us to rent this place?


Looking up at the sails… Having never sailed I didn’t really know what to expect. But I think this is something I could really get into


Another sailboat… almost identical to the one we were on with Camel’s Hump in the distance


Mari rowing the dingy to shore…



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