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Hiking: The Hedgehog Brook Trail, Long Trail and Burnt Rock

Mari checking the map and guidebook to see if we can find a large glacial pothole that was proving elusive on our hike in…


On Thursday, Mari and I both had most of the day off and were looking to get out and spend most of the day hiking. The thing is… we like hikes that end in, or include sections where there is a view. Hiking through the woods is nice, but there’s nothing like an expansive view of the surrounding area to really help keep you motivated when you’re slogging up trails that might climb 1200-1400 feet over the course of a mile. The other issue was that we have both been up most of the better known summits in the area… I personally have been up Camel’s Hump 3 separate times this spring already. Again, Mari’s mom came to our rescue and suggested we try the trail to Burnt Rock. 

Burnt Rock is a small area below the scrub line that suffered from a fire a few years back and now offers some pretty spectacular views. It’s located on the Long Trail south of Camel’s Hump. We gained access by parking at the Hedgehog Brook Trailhead and following the Hedgehog Brook Trail until reaching the Long Trail where we headed north to Burnt Rock. Where you can go rock climbing. Check out these climbfit: rock climbing shoes


The view from Burnt Rock looking west towards Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks (click to view larger)



Mari navigating the trail near Burnt Rock… it’s a lot of fun as it twists and turns around these huge boulders and crevices



Looking East…



Headed down… this trail is fairly rugged. Don’t expect to see too many people out here. This is probably a great hike in the heart of summer when all of the other trails and summits are overrun. 



There were a few wet sections, but me thinks this is not unusual as there were often rocks to help you across



However, that didn’t mean you didn’t have to take your shoes off sometimes. This stream crossing was right out of the parking lot. Maybe the water was higher than normal, but there was no way across that didn’t require you to get a little damp. The trekking poles came in handy here. 




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