Hiking Mt. Pisgah in the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont

Looking down on Lake Willoughby on our way up Mt Pisgah


So, it was the last day of March and here in Vermont it was a Saturday and there was very little snow left… perfect day for a hike. Fortunately I have started making some friends here in the Northeast and my friend Andy was kind enough to invite me along on a full day adventure to the Northeast Kingdom. We all met up at 8:30 at Andy’s friend Neil’s place (7 in all) picked two cars that looked reliable and headed off to Jeffersonville for a nice breakfast. Once all fueled up we continued our journey north and east… hence the Northeast Kingdom. 

Our objective was Mt. Pisgah. It’s not the tallest, hardest, or anything-est as far as I know, but it is quite beautiful. The scene is very fjord-like and there are a couple of lookouts that feel a little bit like diving boards in that you’re out over the edge of the cliff with views that are just amazing. The hike itself was only 4 miles round trip, but considering the amount of driving required and the fact that this hike is more of an excuse to tour some of the breweries up this way it was just about right as it allowed us to stop a few times, grab dinner, and still be home in time for the second of the two semi-final NCAA BBall games. 

All-in-all it was a great day with some great people. I will definitely be headed back up this way as the mountain biking trail map I saw on the wall at one of the breweries looked pretty awesome. I will definitely have to get back this way to explore a little more. 



Great hiking… a little wet in places, but not bad at all. 



Andy at the first of two lookouts on our hike…



Nearing the top of Mt. Pisgah. This is not the summit, but it is the highest point on the trail where you can see anything but trees. The peak is a little further on, but is completely tree covered an not overly spectacular. 



It was a beautifully clear day on top. In the distance you can see Camel’s Hump which is right around 50 miles away



Andy at the second of the two lookouts. This one is actually just on the other side of the summit by a few hundred yards… definitely worth the trip. 



Cruising down the last little bit of trail with thoughts of micro-brews dancing in our heads…



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