Through My Window #1



So, I’ve become pretty bored at work lately. This winter I took a job at Stowe Mountain Resort thinking that it might be fun, I would get paid, and I would get to ski a lot and for free. Well, I do get paid, but it’s a lot more boring than it is fun. I do get to ski for free, but so far this season the snow here in the East has been pretty sucky and I now know why none of the resorts in the East ever make the Top 10 lists of great places to ski… unless we’re talking tree skiing. In that case the East is always mentioned because they have a lot of trees… they’re smaller and more tightly spaced so if you can ski trees here you can ski trees anywhere. However, that doesn’t mean you want to ski the trees out here.

Anyway, due to the sheer magnitude of the boredom associated with work right now I’ve started taking my camera with and I think I’m going to start a new series called “Through My Window” which will be random photos shot at the various places I work around the mountain. I can’t say these are going to be the most interesting posts in the world, but they give me something to do during the day.

So, without further ado… here’s the first set! These were all taken at the Four Runner Quad while working as the gate attendant there. I’m going to implement a “No Captions Rule” because I’m feeling lazy and I don’t feel like typing them all out.
















































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