Final Days In Maine…

Our apartment in Lewiston, ME. 


So, it feels like we just moved to Maine… and I suppose we did as we’ve only been here 5 months. Anyway, it’s already time to move on. The last few months have been fun, but I can’t say that we’re any closer to finding a permanent life path. This next leg of our journey should be fun though. In just a couple of days we will be packing up again and moving to Vermont. For the time being we’re going to be crashing on couches and with some luck we will have a new place to live within a few months. 

Being here has been fun and I have to say that I’m pretty disappointed that we won’t have the opportunity to explore more of Maine. I was really excited about the 100 mile wilderness, kayaking in Acadia National Park, and being within striking distance of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Also, I met some really cool people here, and not just the kind of people you become acquainted with, friend on Facebook and go have a drink with after a long day at work. These guys are long-term friend material, and it’s unfortunate that our paths are diverging. 

Anyway, I just wanted to share some recent photos from Maine and wish everyone a Happy Holidays!



Eric and his girlfriend Sam



The man himself… Jason Bosch



Another snap of Eric



Freddy the cat…




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