Franconia Notch, NH


It seems like this is the first weekend that Mari and I have not traveled somewhere… but I’m pretty sure that’s because I had to work. Anyway, last weekend we got to meet up with our good friends Jill and Hans in Chester, VT. We drove down on Saturday morning to Chester. The rest of that day we hung out at their homestead, went to dinner, hung our around the fire and listened to Jill and Hans practice the guitar.

Sunday, we drove over to Franconia Notch. Little did we realize that Franconia is the weekend hiking destination for the majority of the people in the Northeast. On top of that it was Columbus Day Weekend so in hindsight we probably shouldn’t have been surprised when we showed up and the highway was lined with vehicles due to the lack of parking.

Eventually we found our own spot along the road and started our hike up Mt. Pemigewasset. Jill and Hans had Anika in tow so we didn’t choose anything too strenuous. The hike up was great and the view from the top was very much worth it. I really want to go back to this area sometime when there aren’t so many people.

Anyway, I just wanted to share some photos from the weekend. Here they are.




















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