Featured On Wend Mag’s Blog


Well, this morning I woke up to some cool news. I was going through my RSS this A.M. and to my surprise one of my surfing photos had been selected as Wend Magazine’s Friday Photo… I knew as soon as I saw “Superior Surf” in the title. Not only is this good publicity for surfing here on the Great Lakes, but I also was fortunate enough to be awarded a pair of Olukai Shoes, a GoPro Helmet Cam, and a surf board from Global Surf Industries… Crazy!

Anyway, I just wanted to give a shout out to Sam for being on the breakwall at Mclain that day and to all of the other surfers up here in the Keweenaw for getting out there, not because conditions are good, but because there are waves and surfing crappy waves is better than not surfing.


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