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Some Inspiration Because It’s Thursday…

This is probably my favorite of all the spots. It’s an older commercial, but I really like the song and the editing. It get’s you pumped up and ready to go. The song in this is one of my favorites to run to.


I’m not the type to spend a ton of time poking around on YouTube. However a short time ago in a moment of boredom I went to the YouTube website and started poking around. Not really knowing what I was looking for as I wasn’t really looking for anything I eventually started trying to find examples of good commercials, commercials that did a good job of selling whatever it was, made a strong statement, or in some way helped you feel a connection with the company doing the advertising.

For a while I wasn’t finding anything except examples of commercials that weren’t anything more than pretty pictures, cool music, or slick CG. Take for example the Old Spice commercial. It’s cool. It’s funny. I really enjoyed watching it and I really like some of the knock-offs. But, it doesn’t make me want to go out and purchase Old Spice, and it doesn’t get me fired up to do anything that might eventually lead me to buy Old Spice… it’s just visually and verbally funny spot. It made me wonder what agency came up with the idea. I ended up being more interested in who produced it than the product they were selling.

After a little while searching I came across some of the early Nike commercials. Many of them didn’t do much for me either. Again they, more or less, used some celebrity to promote some product hoping that your affinity for said celebrity would make you more likely to buy said product.

But, some of the Nike commercials were different. Some of them I thought were really quite good and did a great job of accomplishing what they set out to. These commercials were the ones that weren’t trying to sell a particular product. These were the commercials that played off of Nike’s famous tagline, “Just Do It”… and they work. Some are definitely better than others, but I find they all pretty much make me want to get up and go for a run or do some pullups.

Anyway, here are some of my favorites from my search.



I really like this soccer commercial. I think the choice of music is spot on, the 1st person perspective puts you in the hot-seat, and they tell a good story in the short amount of time they have.



The reason I think this one is great may or may not be obvious. It all depends on how familiar you are with the typical Jordan highlights. Just in case you don’t get it… all of the players in this spot are imitating moments from Jordan’s career. If you search for Michael Jordan Highlights it won’t be long before you’ve seen all of the moments that appear here.



I thought this one was pretty powerful. No action, good monologue, perfect music selection… This one really reminded me a lot of Chase Jarvis’ 60 second portraits. It’s really simple, but super effective.



This is another favorite. Regardless of what you think of Lance… they did a great job with this spot. I love the photography, they really have a knack for choosing the perfect piece of music, and again the monologue is inspiring. I think the commercials with Jordan and Lance are so strong because of the athletes involved. We’re so familiar with their stories and with them that it’s really easy to feel what they’re saying… and that is the key. These commercials do a great job of making you feel something and that is what makes them so powerful and effective.



I don’t have any clue who this guy is, but this is just another example of what you can do with good writing, smart editing and good sound. There’s no music in this one, but the use of the bouncing balls and the slight echo in the gym are really important to this spot.

Later… I really need to go for a run.

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