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Ride The Keweenaw


Well, another successful Ride The Keweenaw weekend is coming to an end. For those of you that don’t know, Ride The Keweenaw (RTK) is a yearly event held here on the Keweenaw Peninsula. It’s a non-competitive event with the goal of building awareness, both locally and regionally, of the plethora of mountain biking trails available in the Keweenaw. Things kick off on Saturday with guided no-drop group rides at the Michigan Tech Trails, the Maasto Hiito/Churning Rapids Trails, and the Swedetown Trails. On Sunday people are invited to come up to Copper Harbor to take advantage of the bike shuttle available at a reduced rate, and to participate in another group ride that follows a particular sequence of trails that were recently designated as an International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) EPIC. It’s a great weekend as each trail system is it’s own unique beast. We’re lucky up here. Not only do we have a large number of trails to ride, we have a large variety of trails to choose from as well.

Yesterday, Mari and I were busy with errands, helping friends with wedding stuff, and other things like my weekly long run. So, I can’t say we did much with the RTK yesterday. But, we weren’t going to miss Sunday because shuttling the trails in Copper Harbor is one of the most fun things this side of the Mississippi and it was going to be half price. My plan when we arrived in CH was to head up Brockway to shoot some of the new trails and bridges that were built towards the end of last season. Today I assumed there would be a lot of riders out and that the shuttle would be running almost constantly providing a stream of riders to serve as subjects. Well, I drove up Brockway, grabbed my gear and headed down the trail. I knew the bugs were going to be out, but I didn’t know just how bad they were going to be. I waited around for a little over 20 minutes and just decided to call it as I was getting eaten alive! I did manage to grab a couple of quick snaps right before heading back down to ride… so it wasn’t a total loss.

I also had grand intentions of shooting a series of portraits of the participants at the event, but again the bugs made things difficult as everyone was walking around waving their hands and swatting at their legs. Things just weren’t conducive to sitting still even for a minute or two. Thankfully, once you were on your bike you’d never know the bugs were even around. Just don’t stop.

I did manage to get Spandrew to sit still for a second. Maybe I’ll try this again at the upcoming Chain Drive MTB Race and try and capture portraits of the finishers. Anyway, below are a couple of snapshots I grabbed while dodging bugs and the portrait of Spandrew.


JKZ_6324Here’s a section of the trail “On the Edge” as is carves its way down the south side of Brockway Mountain before hooking up with Woopidy Woo…

JKZ_6331Here’s another view of “On The Edge”. This is a pretty fun little trail…

JKZ_6347Say hello to Spandrew…



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