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Where I Have Been… Part Duex

Well, it’s been so long since I’ve updated this here blog. I don’t even know where to begin and everything has kind of run together in my mind anyway. So, I’m just going to take this opportunity to fill in the blanks a little bit. In the last post I made mention of our Whistler ski trip and our trip out to Ottawa. Here I will hopefully cover the rest. Basically the last 2 months looked a little something like this…

Jan 26-4: Whistler Ski Trip
Feb 4-6: Icefest
Feb 7-10: Work
Feb 11-13: Ottawa
Feb 14-16: Winter Trade Show in Madison
Feb 17-18: Work
Feb 19-20: Only Free Weekend!
Feb 21-24: Work
Feb 25-27: Ray’s Women’s Weekend in Milwaukee for Bike Mag
Feb 28-Mar 4: Work
Mar 5-6: Copper Dog, Parents in Town
Mar 7-10: Work
Mar 10-13: Searchmont Ski Trip
Mar 14-17: Work
Mar 18-20: Home for Dad’s heart surgery
Mar 21-Today: Work

That’s basically how I spent my last two months. Now, it’s been busy… but not all of it has been work and a lot of it has been pretty fun. There just isn’t much time left for some of the projects I’m supposed to be working on in my free-time which creates a little stress. But that should be coming to an end pretty soon. There’s nothing on the calendar for a while which hopefully means I can get some stuff accomplished in the upcoming weeks.

So here’s the photo illustration part:

icefestIce climbing at the Curtains during Icefest

icefest-3We saw a record number of people at Icefest.. 511!

IMAG0864One of my favorite products from the trade show in Madison. I actually liked them so much that I ordered a pair while at the show and had them in time to ski at Searchmont. Best boots I’ve ever had.

IMAG0887Just a random helmet… these photos are just to prove I was there. It’s really not all that exciting.

raysOne of the female participants working it on the Pump Track at Rays

rays-3Two dudes showing off for the camera at Rays

copperdogThe start of the Copper Dog 150

copperdog-2Bretzl helping guide teams to the start

copperdog-3One of the teams out on the course

photo-1Jason giving snowboarding a shot at Searchmont

photo-2The only problem is how far away from the lifts we were…:)

photo-3Our last night they had a torch parade… anyone that was interested could grab a flare and go for a run… crazy canadians!



dadZipperMy dad after his heart surgery


Here are some photos from Ripley. One of my projects this winter has been to shoot some photos of the place throughout the winter. Because it’s been so busy I haven’t been over there as much as I’d like. Also, with no weekend free I don’t have the opportunity to get over there during the day when there’s some light. Now, the snow is melting and there really isn’t much time left. I’m hoping to get some stuff this week and maybe this weekend. Here are some shots from this last week. I ducked out of work a little early a couple of days to get some of these.





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