Hockey at the Dee… – The Juskuz Experience

Hockey at the Dee…


Last night was the Down Wind Xmas party. It was pretty sweet as Dan was his usual self. In typical Danimal fashion he stuffed something in his shirt, stood up on a table or chair in the restaurant, and showed his nipples to people that weren’t there with us. It’s these three things that make the Down Wind Christmas party in Houghton the event that it is. Oh… and I should mention that all the employees got some sweet gifts. The guys got nano puff jackets from Patagonia, and the gals got insulated skirts from Skhoop.

Afterwards I told Anna I would give her a ride to the Dee as John was there playing hockey. I decided to bring the camera – it’s what I do – to take some photos. Here are some random images from that game. John’s in net and Kane Johnson, Chris Marr, and Kyle Rubin were all out there also.

Happy Holidays!








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