Superior Outdoors Magazine – Winter 2011


The other day I was in the book store looking through the magazines. I like to do this from time to time to check out the images in the ski, bike, and outdoor magazines that are getting published. It’s not that I’m hoping to have all of my images published, but I like knowing what the editors are looking for just in case an opportunity presents itself.

Anyway, I saw that the book store had the most recent issue of Superior Outdoors so I grabbed a copy. Initially I only looked at the last page. I knew that an image of mine was supposed to run there in the winter issue, it was there and that’s all I needed to purchase a copy. However, imagine my surprise when I sat down to lunch and saw another of my photos in the table of contents! Apparently, another series of images I submitted were published along with an article by Conor Mihell on the Gales of November kayak confluence. And that wasn’t the end… in the reflections portion of the magazine appeared one of my surfing images of Sam Gardner.

It’s really cool seeing my stuff in print. I would say it’s because I’m so awesome, but the truth is that I really owe most of these images to Conor. He’s the one with the magic pen and without his words there would be no need for my images.

Thanks Conor.







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