The Early Bird…


One of the benefits of getting up around 5am is getting to see the first little inklings of light as the sun comes up. This morning was pretty cool, and with the canal being so warm there was a very thick fog hanging low over Houghton/Hancock. However, high above the sky was clear as could be… makes for some pretty neat images.

Hope you like.




One thought on “The Early Bird…

  1. Teresa Holmes

    I ran into your mom today not knowing who she was, but both of us recognizing each other so started talking. Our conversation lead to your photography and my connection to MTU and that you had just posted beautiful images today with the early morning fog. SO…… here I am and your work is awesome! I am currently taking a 101 photography class at JCC uing my Nilon D80 and am learning so much! That’s for having this site and I’m sure you will be happy for taking your photography to the professional level. You certainly are in the right location for your interests! Best of Luck!

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