Michigan Tech Dual Slalom Race




This weekend Michigan Tech hosted one of the early collegiate mountain bike events. Yesterday, the downhill and cross country events took place in Copper Harbor, and today there were short track XC and dual slalom races at the Tech Trails. I think it would have been cool to go watch the downhill event yesterday, but work was in the forecast and it wasn’t meant to be. Today I made the effort to head up for the DS race. It’s too bad that not too many of the schools came up as they are missing out on some great trails and good courses. The C4 crew did a great job with the organization and with preparation. There was a lot of digging that needed to happen to insure that there was a finished DS course to race on… and they got it done and it’s a great little track.

Anyway, I just thought I would share some of the images I shot today. I used a couple of speedlights to highlight the riders, and I like the way the images turned out. I did have problems focusing. The foreground was pretty dark without the flash, and with a background as contrasty as this my camera kept wanting to focus on the leaves in the background. It seems like a little thing, but an out of focus subject is pretty sucky.

If you want to learn more about advanced lighting techniques, check out online classes in photography.

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