The shop that I work for – Down Wind Sports – recently entered the online outdoor specialty arena with a new website aimed specifically at outdoorsy women called Namaste. One of the things that every website needs are decent visuals and I’ve been asked to see what I can come up with. Currently they are using some stock imagery, but that only goes so far. It would be much nicer if we could highlight some of the local talent and outdoor resources. I think that eventually we should even allow our online patrons to submit photography from their own adventures.

Anyway, there are different outdoor categories… bike, run, hike, yoga, etc… The plan this morning was to capture some decent images for the running category. Unfortunately the image I had in my head was not to be. It ended up being pretty overcast this morning and because of the lack of good morning light I scrapped my initial idea and decided to explore the local ski hill. It’s not uncommon for people to use the ski hill in their training. Also, this winter I found a great vantage point where I could place a skier in the frame with the local lift bridge in the background. This morning’s trip up the hill was just supposed to be a scouting trip. I wanted to see how tall the grass was and make sure that I could still compose the image the way my mind saw it as everything now sits a couple of feet lower due to the lack of snow.

Even though we were just scouting, I think we came away with some decent images. It was still pretty over cast while we were exploring and that forced me to use a high iso and slow shutter speed to get close with the exposure. Due to the slow shutter speed there is definitely some motion blur around the runner. Also, the slightly lower vantage point isn’t quite as good as when there is snow. I’d like to return with a ladder, some strobes, and some less humidity (= less haze). But, now at least I know what I’m working with. In the end it didn’t take us much time to get these images. It was about 10 after 7:00 when we decided to scrap the other location and head up the ski hill, and after a handful of passes by my beautiful runners we were back on the road headed to our respective jobs before the clock struck 8:00.  Not bad for 40 or so minutes of work.

Stay tuned… more to come.




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