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So, recently I was commissioned to capture a variety of images for the local library’s new website. Of all the different shots on my list, the shots of the library’s exterior have me the most worried. The building the library is very close to the water and has great views of the surrounding area. The interior was very well done and should be a lot of fun to photograph. However, the building itself is fairly nondescript and it’s location is far from scenic being almost under neath a nearby parking deck. 

Today my goal was to go out and explore Houghton and Hancock looking for interesting views of the library. So, I woke up, grabbed my camera, and was out the door by 6:30am. I wanted to make sure I had some time to explore while the sun was coming up so that as the light changed I would have some idea of how it might be incorporated into my compositions. 

Unfortunately, it was extremely humid/hazy this morning and that made it difficult to get the nice, crisp, images I was hoping for. Anyhow, while exploring I grabbed some other views while waiting for the light to change or considering my next move.

morning-2Quincy Smelter…


morning-3The Ranger on the Portage Canal…




morning-7Snowmobile path behind the Quincy Smelter in Hancock…



I did eventually find a couple of compositions that I liked. The two images below minimize intrusion of the parking deck while showing off the library’s close proximity to the water and some of the other more interesting architecture in Houghton.

I’ve still got some additional scouting to do, and then once I’ve identified my desired compositions I will wait and return during optimum conditions to capture the best files possible. 

Until then…



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