Chain Drive Mountain Bike Race 2010


Today was the something… something annual Chain Drive Mountain Bike Race here in Houghton, Michigan. Each year the community comes together to host this great event during BridgeFest and each year it seems to get better and better. I can’t say that I know how many people participated this year… however it was seemed there was every bit of 325-350 racers. I just want congratulate all of the participants on their efforts and thank the race organizers for taking on all of the additional responsibilities associated with putting on an event like this. Everything seemed to run very smoothly, and I can’t wait to see what they do to top this next year.


Anna Thompson before the race… not a worry in the world…


Chris Marr anxious to get moving and in good spirits…


The ever professional Danimal from Down Wind Sports was on hand to help provide last minute tweaks to everyone’s racing steeds…


Christine Young… T-minus 1 minute till race time… “please let everything go well…”


Matt Spruit of team PBR crossing the finish line fourth in the single speed category…


John Mancini making a few key passes right before the finish line… another single speeder just killing it out there…


Mr. Mario Molin… yeah… not too much to say here…

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