New Site Header Images… What Do You Think?


I finally found a wordpress plugin that will allow me to change the header image on this website and gives me some amount of control. So, the other day I took a bit of time and made up some new headers, put them in the proper folder, and ta-dah… rotating header!

Anyway, I just ran through some of the images I’ve shot over the last couple of months and these are what I came up with… Well, these are the ones that seemed to fit into the long aspect ratio. What I’m wondering is what you guys think of these different images, what they say about the site, etc… Do you like them all? What’s your favorite? Should I get rid of any of them?

Right now the header is set to change on every refresh. However, the program isn’t all that great about randomly cycling through all of the images. In a couple of days I will probably change it so that it rotates every couple of minutes.

Until then, don’t hold back… leave your suggestions/critiques in the comments area below.















2 thoughts on “New Site Header Images… What Do You Think?

  1. Ene

    Greg, I like them all. And I like the idea of the changing headers. How about a few of the more spectacular light painting series? Also, you had a spectacular shot of a skiier (snowboarder?) in the air with MTU in the background….
    Keep em coming!

  2. igmaino Post author

    Yeah… I wanted to try and work one of those into the header, but it just didn’t fit very well with the short/thin aspect ratio.

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