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Flower Power…


A few days ago Mark mentioned that the trilliums (white flowers) out by his house were pretty dense this year and that there might be some photo opportunities if I was interested. Well, I’m always interested. So, we decided to meet after work last night to see what we could find. Unfortunately, the weather yesterday was pretty shitty. It more or less rained all day, varying between just a slight drizzle and downpour. However, as 7:00 rolled around the rain let up and things were a go.

Ryan and I met Mark at his house and proceeded to scout out the parts of the trail where the flowers were the thickest. These flowers funny in that they are really only located right around Mark’s house. There are a couple of thick patches, but for the most part as you move away from their property the flowers start thinning out.

Anyway, we found a nice piece of two-track that ran along side one of the denser patches of trilliums and played around there for a while. Maybe it was just me, but I couldn’t really find a way to make the flowers stand out. I think it was a combination of the wetness and the quality of the light that made things less than ideal. What are you going to do. We did find a log for Mark and Ryan to ride on and that was pretty fun for a bit. Luckily, Lily had joined us and was there to spot Mark… just in case.

After playing in the flowers we headed back to Mark’s house and to a short section of trail in his front yard that is pretty tight and has a few sharp turns. Here we were just looking to get a good image of a rider blasting through the trees. Here I broke out the lights to add some interest and focus specifically on the riders. The problems we ran into were in finding a good line of sight through all of the little trees, that lined up with the apex of one of the turns. This proved more difficult that you might think. If I shifted my location so that I could see the front wheel on the trail during the turn, a tree would be blocking the rider’s face. If the riders tried to adjust their line so that I could see the tire while not blocking their face, it straightened things out too much and it’s hard to fake an “active” riding position.

It was fun either way and I always just enjoy getting out with my camera and experimenting. Everything leads to better pictures.

Monday I think I’ll be headed up to Copper Harbor with Chris to try and find some images for use in the new Copper Harbor MTB trail map.

Check back soon…






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