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skiPortrait-23Craig, Kurt, and Mark

The other day I was contacted by an organization about using some of my skiing images from this past season. In support of the images I also needed some head/shoulder shots of the skiers that from said images. Instead of shooting the typical posed shot against a neutral background I wanted to do something different and thought that a Lake Superior sunset might just be the thing to help make these images a little more interesting. So, I contacted Craig, Mark and Kurt and we agreed to meet out at Breakers a little after 9:00.

As the day of the shoot approached it was looking more and more like we were going to have get some rain. In my head that wasn’t such a bad thing as some of the most dramatic skies happen right before or after a big storm. However, on the day of the shoot Mari and I were out for dinner celebrating the submission of her dissertation and the completion of her PhD, and during dinner the sky just opened up. Now, moody skies are great, but bucket sized raindrops are not. Fortunately, after dinner things had quieted down and the sky was looking good. I dropped Mari off at home, let the guys know we were a go, loaded my equipment and started driving.

skiPortrait-12Craig Kilpela

I arrived out at Breakers just behind Craig and about 20 minutes before I our scheduled meeting time. I just wanted to get there a little early, scout a vantage point, get setup, and have things dialed in to reduce the amount of standing around that had to happen. I setup my FourSquare softbox on a makeshift boom (monopod superclamped to a lightstand weighed down with a grocery bag filled with stamp sand), two edge lights, and started getting the strobed dialed in right as Mark and Kurt were pulling in.

skiPortrait-14Craig Kilpela

I had Craig go first and I have to say I think he got the best light. While the entire shoot probably only took about 10-15 minutes from the the first image to the last image, the light was still quite variable over that short period. It was late in the day and there was still a stiff breeze which made for quickly changing light and cloud conditions. Regardless, I think these images came out pretty well. The only thing that I might change would be the way the edge lights were set up. I would flag them to reduce the lens flare, and I would have reduced their power as they ended up a little hotter than I had intended.

Anyway, below are the rest of the pics.


skiPortrait-17Mark Kivisto

skiPortrait-18Mark Kivisto

skiPortrait-19Kurt Aho

Kurt Aho

skiPortrait-22Craig Kilpela, Kurt Aho, Mark Kivisto

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