Down The Portage We Go…


The other night Mac, Lynn, Mari and I made it out on the water. Originally we had planned to head out on the previous evening, but certain events transpired and in the end things just didn’t come together. Anyway, the truth is, it probably worked out for the best. The previous evening it was cool and windy, but this evening things were fairly calm and it was warm enough that Mac was tempted into paddling in just a t-shirt.

Usually, paddling in the portage isn’t exactly on the top of my list. However, tonight it wasn’t so bad. It was nice to see the trees lining the portage in the various stages of leafing out. Lynn and Mac are always fun to talk to, and it didn’t hurt that is was just a beautiful evening to be out.

Well, I haven’t posted in a handful of days and felt this was as good as anything that’s happened recently. I’m working on putting together a backpack mounted camera contraption so stay tuned.








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