Santa Cruz Blur LT…


Finally got the new bike today. It’s been a while since I’ve owned anything from Santa Cruz, and I forgot how nice their stuff is. I can’t really say much about the ride quality of durability at this point as I’ve only ridden it from the shop back to the house. However, building it up was a breeze. The fit and finish are second to none, and all of the parts work well together… at least they did in the stand.

Soon, I will get this thing out on the trails and will have a bit more to say. I should mention that I will probably change out the bar and tires. The small block eights just aren’t going to cut it, and the bar just doesn’t have the right rise/sweep combo.

So, enjoy some pics for the time being… she looks pretty sweet. Once I get her out on the trails I will post some thoughts.






UPDATE: So, I’ve now had a chance to get out on the trails and all I can say is… well done SC… well done. I don’t want to pass judgement either way just quite yet, but on these first couple of rides the bike felt pretty good. Actually, it felt the best on the uphills. Before actually getting out on this bike I was pretty worried that it just wouldn’t climb like my old Anthem X did. Now, I don’t want to go so far as saying that the Blur LT climbs as well as a 4″ travel XC race bike, but it climbs pretty damn well. As for the downhills… I’m still shaking of some of my winter clumsiness. The bike rides great, and it’s possible I’m going just as fast and the extra travel just makes it feel slower… yeah… that’s gotta be what it is… hmmm. Right, now I don’t know. It’s good though… definitely good. No regrets at this point.

After I get some more saddle time I will post a more thorough review.

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