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Went paddling a handful of days ago and took a bunch of crappy pictures with my little waterproof P&S… or is that P.O.S. The original idea was to paddle the shoreline from Esry Park to Copper Harbor, however the wind was not cooperating so we just did a short out-and-back from Copper Harbor. I have to say, it’s pretty weird driving past a completely frozen Lake Medora only to put in at the Copper Harbor Marina while wearing shorts. The weather this year has been totally weird.

Anyway, while downloading these images I was thinking about how, even only a year ago, I would have been pretty happy with these images. However, now I wish they were so much more. I can see them for the snapshots that they are. This doesn’t necessarily make them bad, it just means that I’m starting to want more out of my photography than to capture and document.

I really enjoyed the series of ski sessions I had at the end of the season with Craig, Mark, Kurt, and others. There was so much more to the process. It wasn’t just about documenting and capturing a moment… it was also about creating the moment. It was so much more fulfilling when something cool popped up on the back of the camera.

However, I’m already wishing the ski/light painting images were more. Yeah, they’re pretty cool, but they images themselves are not very polished. We did identify some durable light sources to attach to the skiers. I did get the technique and timing dialed in (this was the easy part). We did do some experimentation with different camera placements and different tricks to attempt to find the best vantage point so that you get continuous lines with no breaks.

But, I would have like to experiment more with changing the viewing angle on some of the tricks. I would have like to experiment more with light placement on the skiers. I would have like to experiment more with strobe placement. I would have liked to shoot when the moon wasn’t full. Basically, there are a lot more ideas to work through… if there was more time left in the season.

I really like the idea of tracing these complex paths through the air with light. I’m sure this will translate into other sports as well. This could be a cool series of images.

Stay tuned.


Ice capped rocks on our paddle out…


Mari and Matt paddling back towards the harbor…

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