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Introducing the Ripley Super Crew!


I don’t really have that much to say… except thank you to Kurt, Mark, and Craig for coming out again and throwing down. This is a cool group of guys and they’ve been super fun to work with. Tonight the plan was to meet at Ripley again to shoot the jump at the bottom of Danny Boy. When I arrived Mark and Craig were already there going over the jump with a fine tooth comb making sure everything was looking sweet. Also, the grooming crew over at Ripley was kind enough to groom the jump, landing, and run in. How sweet is it that they take care of us like that.

Anyway, I worked my way around the jump first shooting towards MTU to see if there was any vantage point that would make the University look good. There definitely seems to be potential, but I was having a hard time keeping distracting elements like the chair lift and the lift poles out of the frame while keeping the good stuff. Eventually I ended up shooting from my back with the fisheye… again. It seems to be where I go when I’m out of ideas. What are you going to do?

Tomorrow I think we’re going to hit up the hill again. This time we’re going to try out some things that may or may not work… I suppose you will just have to wait and find out.



Mark, marking the lip of the landing…


Shuttling to the top…


Craig giving’er…


Mark just chili…

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