It’s Coming…

I just stumbled upon this video over at The Adventure Life Blog and it did an amazing job getting me upumped on the upcoming biking season. I’ve got one of the new Blur LT’s on the way from our friends over at Santa Cruz and even though I’ll never approach the skill of the guys in this vid, I still get excited about the feeling the flow out on the trails.

Anyway, the other thing that got me super excited was the way the footage was shot and the actual riding content in the vid. I’m glad to see that we’ve started to move away from the “I can go bigger than you”, or the “I can rotate/spin more times than the other guy” mentality when it comes to deciding on what to include in this seasons crop of videos. 

From what I saw in the teaser this movie has a lot of promise. They’re covering a complete trail, not a single feature. The filmography is great and the use of cable cams to follow the riders down the trail is an exciting vantage point to watch from. Also, the riding looks super fun, and the use of multiple riders riding so close and choreographed the way it was is almost like watch a dance. It’s really quite creative and makes me think, “Man that looks like a ton of fun” not “Wow! That’s crazy… I’ll never be able to do that.”

Check it out… Kranked 8 – Revolve from Radical Films

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