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New Road Bike… Cannondale Six Carbon 5


Well, with all of the unseasonably warm weather the last couple of weeks it probably wouldn’t be a surprise to hear that a lot of our snow is melting. Actually, A LOT of our snow is already gone. My front yard is almost completely devoid of the white stuff and it’s still March. What are you going to do? The weather is what it is so we might as well deal with it. So, instead of waiting until the end of March to order new bikes for the season, I decided to order them at the beginning or March.Today was my second day out on my new road bike, the Six Carbon 5 from Cannondale, one of the best road bikes available on the market.

Today was my second day out on my new road bike, the Six Carbon 5 from Cannondale. In the past I’ve had a couple of Cannondale road bikes and have been extremely happy with them. However, the jury is still out with this new bike. I am not the competitive type, at least not the competitive type that pays to compete. So, typically I am looking for a bike that is reasonably light, has parts that work well and are durable, and a frame that is damp and comfortable for long periods of time. Frame stiffness and power transmission are important, but not paramount.

Originally I was hoping to get my hands on one of Cannondale’s full composite Synapse frames. I’ve had one of these in the past and it was just a dream to ride – high performance and comfortable, the ultimate combo… at least for me. Unfortunately, availability was still a couple of weeks out and I didn’t want to miss out on any early season riding. So, in talking with our rep we went down the line until we found a bike in the right price range… Six Carbon 5 it was.

Now, don’t get me wrong this isn’t a bad bike. Actually it is quite close to knocking it out of the park. The frame is well made, good parts spec, good wheels, great fit… This bike is everything I ever wanted in a bike… except it might just be a little too stiff for my liking. So far the bike’s climbing performance and acceleration are great. It just seems to transmit a little more road vibration than I would prefer, and the seams in the road feel more like small curbs than hiccups.

I want to end this with a little disclaimer:

I’ve only ridden the bike twice and between those two rides only have ~60 miles on the frame. I’m hoping that I’m just suffering from early season butt syndrome and that things will start feeling better as I get more miles under my belt. This is just my initial impression. For the most part this bike is awesome – it’s fast, it climbs well, good parts spec, great price. If I hadn’t ridden the synapse this would be one of my favorite road bikes in recent years.

Time will tell… check back to see if my opinion changes as the season progresses.


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