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Breaking into the Paddling Season…


On Monday, Matt and Hannah Abotts stopped by the shop and while there we made plans to paddle yesterday evening when everyone was done working. They had just gotten back from Canoecopia and were really itching to get out on the water again.

So, yesterday we met out at McLain State Park around 5:30 to check out the cliffs south of Breakers. I have to say, yesterday was just a gorgeous day up here. As I was driving by the bank in Hancock on my way to meet Matt and Hannah the clock was showing a temp of 57 degrees. That’s just crazy for mid March up here. However, you won’t see me complaining.

Anyway, when I arrived Matt and Hannah were already there but Hannah wasn’t feeling well, so Matt and I got our kit on and carried down to the water. Once at the shoreline there was almost no ice to compete with, so off we went. The breakwalls protecting the north entry of the Portage Canal were still capped in ice which made for some cool formations and nooks to explore. The rest of the shoreline was pretty ice free. There were still some huge chunks hanging onto the cliffs and it seemed like they could let go at any moment. I was actually hoping to see one of them let go… so long and neither Matt or I were very near.

It’s was a great night and I had a lot of fun paddling with Matt. I should probably apologize to him as any time I go paddling with just one other person they seem to get left to their own devices every so often while I stop or paddle ahead to see what my camera can see.

Not a bad way to kick off the season.



Heading out past the North Entry Light…


Exploring the ice capped breakwall…


Coming up on one of the many waterfalls near our turn-around point…


Matt taking a shower…


Ahhhh… can’t really say I recommend doing this.


Just a beautiful night out on the water…


The view over my shoulder on the return trip…

mattKayak-9Matt and Hannah on the beach at McLain…

2 thoughts on “Breaking into the Paddling Season…

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  2. Mark Koski

    I just found you from looking over a MTU magazine from last year that has an article about Matt & Hannah’s kayaking Superior trip. There’s a link from their website and blog. Nice photos. Keep it up. I’m a 1976 grad from MTU forestry myself now living in Troy MI and working for DTE Energy in the electrical planning and design of distribution facilities like poles and underground cables. Wish I could join you guys for some paddles on the lake there. Something I’ve thought about doing for years. Superior IS THE word.

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