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AM Park Session…


This morning we headed over to Ripely again. We were hoping to get some fun riding in and come away with a few good images… something more polished than the last time we were there. Tim Kostner joined us this morning, but when we first arrived we found the hill rock hard and slightly glazed over making just walking on the hill a little sketchy. We ended up hanging out for a while and checking out the different jumps, discussing different lines, etc… Personally, I don’t have enough confidence in my riding ability to even attempt any of the things that were being thrown out there. But, one of these mornings we might just get things right.

Anyway, after Timmy rolled Sweet Spot a couple of times he decided to go home and Sam and I chose to move down to the wall ride and see if things would come together there. Unfortunately, by this time things were getting a little soft on the hill. We had borrowed a couple of shovels and cleaned up and reshaped the take-off, but it was just too soft. The first run Sam took bucked him forward. Afterwards we flattened out the take-off and he tried it again… still no luck. At this point we decided to call it.

Before we left we crushed up some of the chunks of ice and filled in the take-off as much as we could. With luck things won’t melt too much today and tomorrow morning we will be ready during the narrow window when things are ridable.

Here are some quick snaps from the morning.

Check back soon as we’re not quitting until we get some decent shots.



Timmy pushing up…


Timmy getting a feel for the small take-off at Sweet Spot…


Another attempt. I need to get closer… this could be cool


Prepping the take-off…


Fail #1…


Fail #2… you have to give Sam some credit for throwing himself at this thing a couple of times knowing that it probably wasn’t going to go well.

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