Bike Magazine… Congrats Copper Harbor!


So there are two things I am psyched to share…

The first thing I wanted everyone to be aware of was the article highlighting Copper Harbor as one of the best trail systems in the country. In the article Copper Harbor shares space with the likes of British Columbia, Sedona, Sun Valley, Bend, Fruita and Crested Butte. The crazy thing is that Copper Harbor lead off the feature and was given a full two page spread. I’m super happy for the Copper Harbor Trails Club and it’s awesome to see those guys getting credit for all the hard work they do making those trails so sweet!

The second thing I need to mention is the fact that two of the images that accompany the article are mine. I’m super psyched to have my images published in the likes of Bike magazine, but I have to say I don’t think they do the trails up there justice. I know I can do better and this spring/summer I am hoping to get up there a little more and create some images that are as good as the trails.

So… if anyone is headed up there let me know. I need some willing participants to go ride sweet trails over and over again… I know, tough job. But, I’m willing to do it.



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