Great Bear Chase…



Despite the weather the Great Bear Chase took place today north of us in the town of Calumet. I was actually scheduled to work at Down Wind today, but Arni was kind enough to let me have the morning off so I could help Brockit cover the event. Apparently they were stretched pretty thin providing official photography for both the Great Bear Chase and the Copper Dog 150. Overall I think things went pretty well. The course seemed to hold up a little better than anyone thought it would. I think that the cloudiness actually helped out a little, because if the sun had come out things would have went bad really quick-like.

Anyway, it was a pretty quick day. I headed up to Calumet a little before 8am to make sure I had time to grab some images of participants getting ready before the first group headed out at 9am. I covered the start of each race and then headed into the woods to make some images of the racers on the course. The combination of grey sky and grey snow made for some extremely flat light. The participants in the bright colors were fun to photograph, but eventually I felt the need to break out some of the lights to help try and make things a bit more interesting and to give a little more shape and separation to the subjects.

In the end it was a lot of fun and I think I got a handful of decent images. Soon all of my images should be up on Brockit’s website. After the race I had to hurry back to town, grab some lunch and go to work.

I really wish I could just take photos all day…



The mandatory ski rack shot…


Yes… it was this wet.


Start of the 44km skate…


Carl about 1km from the finish leading the 44km racers… I don’t know how it turned out, but I hope he got the “W”.


Here’s an example of one of the images where I set up some lights to help make things a little more interesting.


The home stretch…

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