Snow+Bikes+Terrain Park = Sweet!



The other day Sam suggested the idea of heading over to Ripley with the mountain bikes for some park action. I can’t say that I would feel comfortable hitting any of the features on my bike, but I was more than happy to go take some snaps of Sam giving it a go.

I wasn’t sure what to expect this morning and since it was only Sam and myself, I decided to leave the lights and stands at home. As nice as it was this morning it would have been great to have some additional light as a ok exposed rider meant a mostly blown out sky. Next time we head over there I won’t make the mistake of leaving that kit at home. I really should know better by now. Anyway, we are already planning our next session and trying to recruit a few more riders. Hopefully, we will get over there in the next couple of days and with any luck I’ll come back with some shots I’m a little happier with.

Anyway, when we first arrived at the hill Sam took a couple of runs at the small set of tables towards the bottom of the hill. What we found was that they are actually quite small and easy to over-shoot. The lips were pretty flat and they didn’t make for great images… so we moved on. Next we headed up the hill to check out some of the larger jumps. In my head they weren’t all that big, but once you are standing on top of them things start to look a little different… a little bigger… a little more committed. It wasn’t long after we reached the jumps that we decided that this probably wasn’t the best idea… today. So, we eyed up the wall ride and decided that it required just the amount of commitment we were willing to give.

Over the course of an hour or so I shot from on top…




From below…


From behind…



And from in front of the feature.



This is by far my favorite angle. I like being able to see the riders face. I like the perspective provided by being right next to the wood on the wall. I like being able to get a lot of sky in the frame, and the fisheye really exaggerates the height of the rider.



This is my favorite frame from the session. Everything seemed to come together to make this frame sing. The riders helmet is just clipping the plane of focus, he’s in a great active position on the bike with the front wheel just off the wall, there’s still a little texture in the sky, and the perspective from a little lower on the wall really make this image a little more badass than the rest.



For fun I quickly composited a couple of sequences. It seems like roughly 3 frames/sec is the right speed to make sure there isn’t too much overlap between shots. I also found that 6fps works well and give me more choices. Overall I think they turned out pretty cool for being handheld and considering my sloppy masking.






I’ll leave you with this image of Sam and the army truck.



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