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Yet another evening at Ripley…


Tonight I headed over to Ripley again hoping for a good sunset. The sky was pretty clear with some light cloud cover earlier in the day. I hoped that this would help give the sky a little texture and really bring out the color as the sun headed south of the horizon. In my head I have an image of a skier with the bridge in the background and a crazy colorful sunset taking place to really make things sing. A couple of evenings ago we had a sunset like this…


and one like this…


But tonight was more like this. It’s not bad, but the color never really came out. And as much as I like the cooler tones… I really would have preferred the warmth of the oranges and pinks.


Earlier I moved around on Fred’s Landing looking for a good spot to frame skiers coming up the lift with Houghton in the background and skiers on the hill with the bridge in the background. The idea is to show how conveniently close to town Ripley is. Now, I have a few images of people on the chair with MTU in the background, but for those images you have to find a place where you can position the skiers slightly above the university and that requires one to shoot with a standard to short telephoto lens. What I would like to do is shoot with a long telephoto and bring the town up as close as possible. The image below is getting there, but I’m sure it could be better. I just need to keep scouting around the hill.


Here is another frame that could be better… better color, better subject, a skier on the slope would be awesome, a slightly wider crop… maybe later this week.


I’d really like to make this frame at night, with some strobe action and a long-ish exposure of the bridge. I think that could be pretty cool.


Finally, here’s a panorama I made really quickly from Fred’s. It’s kind of cool that you can look up Fred’s on the right and left sides of the image. Click on the image to see it a little larger.

Yeah… so nothing special tonight. Some good scouting, but not super productive image-wise.

Hopefully meeting Sam in the morning for some two-wheeled ski hill jumping action.

Check back.


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