Sweet Session at Ripley…


Well, I just wanted to get some of these images posted. I think there are a couple of guys waiting to see them.

More to come tomorrow…


Alright… it’s tomorrow. First thing I want to say is that shooting skiers and boarders hitting the jumps in the park is a little more difficult than I thought. It definitely helps to shoot a couple of frames and then discuss your ideas with the riders. I found that there is a huge amount of variability in the way that the different riders hit the same jump and that it’s damn near impossible to recompose the shot once the subject is in the air. Also, I found my speedlights much more limited on the jumps. I can see why many of the guys doing this type of photography are using larger strobes like the Alienbees or Rangers. The speedlights did o.k. once the ambient light started to fall, but with more powerful strobes our period of “good light” would have started sooner.

So, what do you do when your lights don’t have enough kick… use the light that you have and let the rider dark. Eventually, the ambient dropped to the point where we could start using the lights. At this point I was really focused on trying to get a frame with a skier and Michigan Tech’s campus in the background… so focused that I really wasn’t looking for the best angle. Next time I will know better, but I know I missed some good frames because I couldn’t let that idea go.

Well, hopefully we will be back at the hill with the cameras sometime soon. Check back soon.










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