Making Sausage…

Recently a photographer that I admire, Chase Jarvis,  wrote a post about what he calls “Making Sausage”. What he’s referring to is all of the behind the scenes work that goes on to make the beautiful product you see on the screen or in print. Take mountain bike and ski photography and videography for example. Most people only see the sweet overhead following shot through the huge spruce forest, or the perfectly lit night cliff drop with star trails in the background. However, what we didn’t see was all the work rigging the cable so that a camera operator could follow the bikers through the woods. We also didn’t see the other 50 times the riders ran the course and all of the things and problems that had to be dealt with. We don’t get to see the long hike in with bags of photo and lighting equipment, the running back and forth adjusting the lights, or any of the test shots that turned out like crap. Chase’s “Making Sausage” comment refers to the idea that if we did know what went on behind the scenes we might not find it so appetizing.

Anyway, here is a video interview with the guys who created the new Old Spice commercial and some info on how they did it.



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