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Evening Session in the Park…


This evening I finally got my shit together and met King over at Ripley for a short session in the park. Actually, I headed out at 3:00 to shoot some additional photos from across the canal while the chairs were in use and with skiers on the hill. I’ve been spending a fair amount of time looking for locations that illustrate just how close Ripley is to Houghton and Hancock, but I haven’t really been finding anything great. Right now I’m thinking the best way to show Ripley’s proximity to town is by shooting the town from Ripley, not Ripley from town.

Anyway, back to the session in the park. I met up with King at 5:00 and decided to head up the hill and set up some lights on the big Rhythm wall ride/box/thingy and then work our way down from there. For the first set of images we used 3 strobes and put the sun behind the wall. I had 2 sb26’s at 1/4 power to camera left and 1 strobe at 1/2 power on camera right. This made for some nice light on the rider, gave the box a little glow/halo, and depending on where the rider positioned themselves offered a nice rim-light.




Later on we moved down to some of the rails. I have to say… in camera the images seemed more appealing than when I saw them on the big screen. I seemed to have quite a bit of motion blur. I would have thought that the flash duration would freeze these guys perfectly, but I suppose when you get in really close apparent speeds tend to increase. I can see why all the pro’s use the big lights with the super short flash duration. Anyway, I still think we got a couple of good frames. Just a simple cross light scenario… 2 strobes camera right, and one strobe camera left.

I should have opened up my aperture and turned the power on the strobes down a bit so as not to darken the sky too much. I did catch some good color in a couple of frames, but underexposed the sky a bit much in a lot of them. Live and learn…



Right as we were getting ready to go I ran into Chris and took a quick snap. He needed a profile pick for something and fortunately between the little bit of light in the sky and the lights from the hill there was enough to make an pretty interesting quick portrait.



One thought on “Evening Session in the Park…

  1. John Hatch

    “For the first set of images we used 3 strobes and put the sun behind the wall.”

    dude you have to show me how to move the sun, that damn thing is so finicky sometimes…

    I dig how the clouds were integrated into some of those shots, solid.

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