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Evening at Ripley…


So, this is the last post that has anything to do with last Friday. This was one of my last days off and I tried to make the most of it. Earlier in the day I had hiked Ripley, XC skied two separate times, had a client meeting, and a photoshoot. I ended the day by heading back to Mont Ripley to ski for a bit before meeting my new friend Brendan. Brendan had never skied before and signed up for a lesson from 6:oo – 7:00. I headed over to the hill at 5:30 with my camera and skis to see how that would work out. At 7:00 I met up with Brendan and we made one run down Center Bowl before deciding that probably wasn’t the best idea. From there on out we made laps up the bunny hill until the hill closed. It sounded like Brendan had a good time and I think we’re going to try and get out a couple more time.

Stay tuned…







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