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Last Thursday Ben from Silver Bear Manufacturing contacted me about the possibility of shoot some images for him. Silver Bear is the company responsible for the infamous Yooper Scoop. The Yooper Scoop is by far the best way to move a lot of snow is a short amount of time, and many times it’s faster and easier than using a snowblower. Anyway… the scoops are apparently pretty popular at some of the ski resorts out west. Places like Vail use them to keep the lift areas clear of snow. Because of this Ben wanted a couple of images to use in some of their new marketing materials aimed directly at the ski resort industry.

So, after exchanging a few email we decided to meet today at noon over at Mont Ripley to shoot some images around their lift area. In the end Ben didn’t seem interested in anything that required a big production. So, we moved some snow around and took a series of images in the typical portrait and landscape formats. We also shot a series of images a little wider than normal in the portrait orientation in order to give Ben some wiggle room when laying out the cover of their tri-fold brochures.

I had a pretty good time and Ben seemed happy with the images. As we were walking back to the car I convinced Ben to make a run down the bunny slope on the scoop. I mean, common… we’re at a ski hill with a giant sled shaped object… how could you not.

Here are a couple of random images from the shoot.



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