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So, I was reading through some of the posts over on the Strobist website when I came across a shoot Mr. Hobby did for Canoe and Kayak magazine. I really like the resulting image created using a combination of Alienbees Moonunit and a overhead beauty dish. This got me thinking as to how I could produce a similar quality of light with the gear I currently have.

The beauty dish, to me, really just means “soft overhead light”. I do not have a beauty dish, however I think I could get away with a shoot-thru or bounce umbrella. I wouldn’t have as much control of the spill or edge, but it would get me close.

Now, what about a ring light? I’ve seen quite a few different DIY versions online, but they all seem pretty… well… hokey. And they don’t have a lot of power. I suppose I could just use another umbrella on-axis, but I don’t really think that would get me where I want to go. This is where my Lightware FourSquare softbox comes in. What if I take the diffusion panel off, open up the back, install two sb26’s… pocketwizard… What do you know, I’ve got one spot left through which I can shoot. In theory though it should work pretty well, and I should have a decent amount of power. Also, if I had an additional sb800 I could use high-speed sync. Now I just have to test this out.

Here you can see two images I shot of my friend Sam. Neither image is anything special and they are not meant to be attempts at reproducing the style of light I was so intrigued with initially. This was just a test. Both images were shot at iso200, 1/800, f18 with my Nikon D70s at 18mm. I had two strobes in the FourSquare set at 1/4 and zoomed to 24mm. Pocketwizards were used for triggering purposes.

So… what do you think? I really like the quality of the light. I’m definitely going to have to play around with this setup a little more. 

I want to apologize to Sam. This idea popped into my head washing dishes while waiting for him to arrive so we could go for a XC ski. I threw everything together and then attacked him as he walked up the sidewalk. Then as he was leaving I grabbed my kit and again he was forced to pause for a second so I could grab a frame. I am sorry. However, I cannot promise that it won’t happen again.




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