Random Photo Saturday…


Lately I’ve just been trying to spend more time looking through my camera. Someday, when people ask what I do, I’d like to be able to tell them I’m a photographer. Right now I feel like a barely employable, outdoor loving person who takes decent pictures. But that will change.

I will continue to get up and get outside with my camera. I will keep looking through my camera, and clicking the shutter. I will keep playing around with strobes and off camera flash. I will continue to take bad pictures, and make mistakes. But, inevitably I will make some good frames. With any luck I will take enough photos that the number of good images I have will start to become significant. To tell you the truth, I feel like I’m standing on that exact spot right now.

I have taken a lot of pictures and I have a small amount of images that I am really proud of. Right now I just need to keep shooting, keep improving and start leveraging the small body of work that I’ve have in my possession. Slowly, but surely, things should come together. I just need to not give up.

So, here are some images I’ve made in the last couple of days doing just that. Getting up, getting out, and pushing the shutter release. They aren’t anything special, but I think they are interesting and a step above the typical snapshot (well maybe not the ones of the dogs… but who could resist taking a pic of those two).

Always more to come…






2 thoughts on “Random Photo Saturday…

  1. Your Little Little Little Little Brother

    Be glad we live in a technological age where you can simply take tons and tons of pictures and store them electronically. If we still did film cameras and such, you would most definitely be broke haha.

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