Getting Motivated…


This is going to be short.

Lately, I feel like I haven’t been looking through the camera as much as I should be. True, I did shoot some stuff at Carnival, at Winterlude, and at Telefest. However, I wasn’t really feeling any of those events. I’ve shot carnival and Winterlude before, and at Telefest I felt like I only had so much time I could waste walking around looking for a decent image before I needed to be back helping out with the event.

None of these things really got me all that excited. What I am excited to shoot are some images of Ripley in the early morning, or evening light framed in by identifiable buildings here in Houghton. I’m excited to shoot some power skiing at Ripley, and night images at the terrain park, and point-of-view shots on the chair, coming down through the bowl, or in the trees. Problem is… I’m not shooting any of these things.

I’ve been finding it hard to balance the desire to take pictures with the need to ski myself. Getting out and playing is just as important to me as making great photographs. However, it’s the photographs that generate money and help me develop a body of work that will hopefully create future work.

So, today I am making a promise to everyone that I will get up off my ass this weekend and next week and start shooting some of these things that I am so excited about.


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