Evening Ripley Session…


Sometimes you’re just not feeling it…

Tonight happened to be one of those nights. At this point, I had yet to shoot at Ripley during the evening. In my mind there are a ton of images to be had, yet on this evening things just weren’t coming together. Sure, it’s dark, there’s very little light, and your subjects are generally moving pretty quickly. But, I figured that once I got over there I would take a look around, shoot a few frames to get a feel for how much light there was, and eventually things would start falling into place. In the end it didn’t really feel that way.

To give you an idea of how much light there was, most of these frames were shot at f2.8, iso 1600, and 1/30 – 1/50 second shutter speed. The shots of the chair under the light hit 1/160 at the same iso and aperture. So yeah, not a lot of light.

I do like shooting at night. There’s so much contrast and texture. The mixed lighting can create some interesting colors. Things are blurry… sometimes that’s not a good thing, but sometimes it is. It’s just a different world, and I’m always excited to see what happens. However, tonight was one of those times when I wish I had one of the new Nikon D3s’s. To be able to shoot at 12, 800 iso and get decent files would be awesome! On my D300 I usually don’t like to go past 800 iso unless I have to, and even at 800 iso I’m already not psyched with the noise that is showing up. And the noise really isn’t that big of a problem, it’s the loss of dynamic range that really kills me. What are you gonna do?

Anyway, I did take this time to hike around a little more and scout out some other potential shots. There are a lot of opportunities over there… I just need to keep at it. Things will start coming together again. Until then… here are some images from the evening. As always I really do appreciate hearing what everyone thinks.

Greg OUT!







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