Ripley… Day 2


Starting off again with the mandatory sunset shot… I promise I won’t post another one of these unless it’s really good.

Anyway, today was another beautiful day at the hill. I explored the hill a little more today and am slowly identifying the different images I would like to shoot. Today I realized that I probably shouldn’t just leave things to chance. I sat around today for quite a while in a few different spots waiting for all the planets to align. When the light is changing fast you might only have 5-10 minutes before the opportunity is gone. Now, I could just sit around waiting for another beautiful day and then go to the hill and wander around hoping for things to come together. However, I think it will be more productive if I just head to the hill with some friends, throw some MTU apparel on them, and just put them where I want them. This may sound like cheating, but I assure you that it isn’t. I’m not documenting what’s happening over at Ripley… I’m creating images that will hopefully convince potential students that this is the school for them. And it’s not like I’m not working. You should try hiking up and down a ski resort with a bag full of camera gear on your back.

So, back to the post at hand. What do you guys think of this set of images? Getting better… worse… same?

If anyone wants to be in some of the pictures… let me know. I’ll find something for you to do.

Greg OUT!








5 thoughts on “Ripley… Day 2

  1. igmaino Post author

    As soon as we get some new snow I’ll be looking for a few good men… or women… to go shoot in the trees and possibly at night for some lit shots.

    If there’s a good dump… let me know when you guys head out. I need some good pow images and that’s proving difficult so far.

  2. Tiny Brother

    I like the first shot of the boarder over MTU. I might like it better if you crop out the jump on the left.

  3. Ene

    Great promo shot for MTU with the boarder in the air, MTU in background. You can get that kind of air at lil ol Ripley?? Impressive!

  4. Nick

    first time I’ve ever seen a shot with the bridge in the background, that looks like a nice place to ski and snowboard!!!!

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