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Ready… Set… Ripley!


Today I had the day off. So, what better way to spend a day off than skiing. This morning I skied at the Tech Trails with John Hatch. I did some work at home this afternoon, then headed over to Mont Ripley around 2:30pm.

Now, I don’t believe I’ve mentioned this here yet, but I am working on a photo/video project with my friend Jeff Frenette for Mont Ripley. We looked at their needs, put together a proposal and low and behold Nick approved it. In exchange for the image/video package Nick comp’d both of our season passes and we are getting paid at a slightly reduced hourly rate. I’m glad I’m going to escape paying for a season pass for one more year… however, this means that we had to start shooting, and today we began.

We proposed a pretty comprehensive package including everything from general skiing and park images, to images of the facility operations and ski shop. Today was one of the first days of classes at the hill and we figured this would be the best time to get images of the Mont Ripley Ski/Snowboard instructors instructing. We are expecting our window of opportunity for these types of images to be quite short as once the classes get going they spend more time skiing around the hill than sitting in one place listening.

The hill opens at 3:00, so I showed up at 2:30 and found out that the classes didn’t kick off until 3:30. Since there were a handful of people filtering out onto the hill, I grabbed my gear and headed out to grab some shots and explore a little bit. I ended up hiking around the hill until just before 6:00. I was just looking at the different options for shooting at the hill and grabbing a shot here and there when the opportunity presented itself.




Eventually the classes got going and things got busy. I have to say that trying to capture one of those teaching moments is a little more difficult than I first thought. Everyone is all spread out across the hill, and many of the groups didn’t arrange themselves in a way that was overly photogenic. I think I got a couple of frames that will be ok, but nothing jumped out at me. Hopefully I will get a couple more chances to create an images that satisfies me.


So, after hiking around the hill and shooting for 3.5 hours, I decided I might as well get my ski on since I was already there. When I made it to the top of the lift I was kicking myself for not bringing my camera. The sunset was just incredible… combine that with the lights on the hill and all the activity… what are you going to do. Ski, that’s what I was going to do. For my second day on skis in quite a few years I have to say that I was feeling pretty good. Not good enough to tackle some of the bump runs, just comfortable making turns. I’m slowly finding my balance and getting a feel for the skis.

Anyway, I will post more when I have them.

As always… let me know what you think of these images. Feedback is hard to get, and honest feedback is almost non-existent. I’d love to hear what you have to say.


Greg OUT!


4 thoughts on “Ready… Set… Ripley!

  1. Your Little Little Little Little Brother

    I really like the first image of the jumping boarder. A lot. I am also fond of the shot with MTU in the background. I would like to see more shots of terrain park skills and some shots of the chairlifts ant T bar. How about shots of the snowcats grooming, or better yet the snowcats grooming the terrain park?

  2. Shazoo

    I like 1, 4, 5. for 6 if you “shop” out the guy stemming out of the instructors head then that shot will be perfect to market the school with.

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