Surfing Lake Superior in Marquette


This morning I had to be in Marquette at 8:30 for a photography gig. Now Marquette isn’t all that far away, but it’s not exactly close by either and I wasn’t super psyched to get up early drive down, take some photos, and then drive back. So, I decided to check the weather… and low and behold they were calling for waves.

I called Sam and we decided that it would be worth checking out. We at 7:00 in Baraga, loaded up the Jetta and got our drive on. We met up with Sam Crowley and Nancy Uschold of Sea Kayak Specialists to do some portraits for Canoe and Kayak Magazine. The session went pretty well and afterwards Sam was kind enough to show us some of the local surf spots.

At the last location we ran into Sam’s friend Steve who was also out checking the surf. He wasn’t feeling the conditions at that time so we said good-bye to Sam C. and headed to Third Street Bagel to grab a bite to eat and give the conditions some time to build. After a tasty breakfast bagel and some socializing we stopped by Steve’s place to change into wetsuits then headed back to the lake.

When we arrived it was apparent that we weren’t the only people thinking about surfing. The beach was downright over-run with surfers… a whole 7 of them. It was really cool to see the scene down Marquette. The people were super cool, the surf was good… what more could you ask for.

Anyway, here are some images from the day. At the end is a more complete slideshow. If you happen to find yourself featured in an image, let me know. I would be glad to get you a higher resolution copy.







One thought on “Surfing Lake Superior in Marquette

  1. Mike Horton

    Greg, thanks for taking and sharing all the tasty shots. It was a super fun session and is always great to have images to remember it with. It was nice to meet you, I’ll forward your website on to Tyler, I’m sure he’ll get a kick out of it.
    Happy New Year, Mike Horton

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