Keweenaw Winter Surfing Adventure

Yesterday was just another day here in the Keweenaw spent driving around chasing waves and trying not to put the car in the ditch. Earlier in the week there were reports of a huge system heading our way. I might have even overheard the phrase “Storm of the Century” used. I definitely wouldn’t go that far, however it was damn windy and that meant waves.

The system settled in a little to the east and south of the Keweenaw and that made for some unique wind conditions. It appeared to run right down both sides of the peninsula and that made it difficult for us to decide where to go. Myself, Sam Gardner, Mike Dziobak and Pete Rynes started out at Louis Point, but it was messy and inconsistent. Next we moved over to Big Traverse and here Lake Superior was rockin! Sam and Mike decided to give it a go, but didn’t stay out all too long as it was pushing the “too big” limit. After Big Traverse we decided that maybe we should check out Great Sand Bay… no good. Finally, we headed up to Bete Grise… again no luck. At this point we decided to call it and started the drive back to town. On the way back though, we decided to make one last stop at Big Traverse to see if things had calmed down a bit… They had, but it ended up getting to dark and we called it for good at this point.

I suppose just because it’s BIG doesn’t mean it good. Hopefully there will be more wind in the near future coming from a direction that is more favorable.

Here are some images from the day. I will post a more complete gallery in the next day or two.


UPDATE: Here is a more complete slideshow courtesy of Flickr.

Mikey letting us know Louis Point is no good

This is what happens when you overexpose an image and then try to bring it back in Lightroom… pretty interesting

Mikey ooohhing at the waves crashing over the breakwall

Sam jumping into the channel on his way out

What am I getting into?

Waves crashing over the breakwall

Mike making a lap

Paddling back up the channel

Taking a break and warming up in the van

Sam getting ready to go out at Great Sand Bay

Sitting… waiting…

The long walk back at Great Sand Bay


Calling it quits at Big Traverse

7 thoughts on “Keweenaw Winter Surfing Adventure

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  3. Adrian Nichols

    This is Adrian, owner of Phase One Surfboards. I must say these are the gnarliest conditions our surfboards have ever seen and I am stoked that you guys are charging it with our boards. You guys embody what surfing is all about!

    Contact me for anything you guys need in the future.


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