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Everyone knows what winter means…


Yes, it is that exciting. You may think that paddling in the winter is stupid, but I am here to tell you that winter is the best time to paddle. Once you get past the fact that the air is cold, the water is cold, and if you go in there’s a good chance you aren’t going to come out… it’s a ton of fun. It does require a bit more planning, and a bit more gear than kayaking in the summer, but it is worth it.

Everything is more beautiful in the winter and even though we usually don’t have a problem with crowds around here… there are even less people. Plus you get to be that person that everyone looks at with one eyebrow raised because there’s snow on the ground, it’s 25 degrees out and you have three kayaks on top of you car. That’s right… you could be that person.

On another note… the memory card that contains the bulk of the images I shot today is currently PhotoRescue ICU and they are doing everything they can to stabilize it’s condition. However, you should know… the outlook is bleak.

In the meantime here are some other snaps I took while Sam and Matt were waiting for me to get my shit together.



Here are some additional images from our paddle that I was able to recover from my dysfunctional memory card.









2 thoughts on “Everyone knows what winter means…

  1. Belinda

    Hope you get your images off the card – I've yet to have a problem with cards…I'm not looking forward to it.

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