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MTU Photography…

Yesterday I did some more work for the university. Part of me really likes these opportunities, and part of me doesn’t. Typically, I go into one of these assignments without a plan and with directions that boil down to…”Shoot a little of everything”. I find it difficult to know what to focus on, and I hate leaving not knowing whether or not I have what I need.

It can be frustrating. I know that they are only looking for one or two images, and I feel that if a small amount of planning were to take place ahead of time I would know where to focus my attention and I could spend my time making sure that those one or two images are as good as they can be. Without having some focus I find myself actually trying to shoot a little bit of everything and making sure I have options instead of spending time improving the images. I know that you can’t always plan everything, but I can only imagine that as the writer is working on the article or as the designer thinks about the layout they must be picturing something in their mind. If I could only get them to verbalize it.

Anyway, there is another side… the part of me that likes the challenge. Yesterday I went into this assignment not knowing where we were going to shoot, whether they wanted it lit or natural, how the image was going to be used – full page, spread, inset, etc… Also, the designer and writer came with which is kind of a double edge sword. It gives the subject someone to interact with during the shoot, but it also hinders my interaction with them. The only thing I am not happy with is how the shadow cast by the nose connects with the shadow side of the face. I should have move my flash a little more to the right to push that shadow back to the left a little.

Overall, I think it went pretty well. I left work, drove to campus, met with the writer and designer, walked over to Rekhi, scouted the location, set up my lights, had our session, packed up, stopped by the marketing office to get their FTP info, and was back at work in just a little under an 1.5 hours. The lack of a plan is frustrating to me, but I realize it is part of the job. I just wish there was a little more communication.

Above is one of the out takes from the session. I used two lights… one bare coming from camera left, and one thru a shoot-thru umbrella on camera right as fill. Both were gelled with full CTO’s and adjusted my WB to taste which pushed the daylight coming in from the skylight to blue while maintaining a slightly warm color on my subject. Nothing special of exceptional, but quick and clean.

Anyway, I always appreciate comments.


3 thoughts on “MTU Photography…

  1. Megan

    Good job, Greggo. Why weren't you the one to take photos of Baberaham a few weeks ago? That would have been cool, we could have showed you all our dead animals in the freezer and stuff. Juuust kidding

  2. Ene

    Given the frustration you are expressing, is it reasonable to build into the shoot some interview time with the subject where you get to query what they're passionate about, what their thoughts are about the project (or whatever is relevant)?

    BTW there is a great spread in this week's New Yorker on portraits of people in power. If you don't have access to it I'll bring it next week!

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